The Grimorium Verum – Table of Contents Revealed

I’m excited to be a part of this next publication from Western Legends as both a contributing author and book cover designer. The book comes out very soon. Please help support this project – lots of talented storytellers – you won’t be disappointed! I’ll share purchasing info once available.

The Grimorium Verum – Table of Contents Revealed.



Phobophobias is on Sale Now!

Phobophobias cover wrap

My latest published story, “U is for Ufophobia: Streaks of Green” is available … Phobophobias is on Sale Now!.

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New book release: Don’t Look Back featuring my story: “The Elusive Pettibone”

Don't Look BackI’m excited to announce the publication of my latest story, “The Elusive Pettibone” as part of the anthology Don’t Look Back: Thirteen Terrifying Tales of Urban Folklore from Dark Moon Press.

“The Elusive Pettibone” is my origin story for the White Lady of Union Graveyard set in Easton, Connecticut. The legend of the White Lady is a popular case studied and written about by the renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. I first learned of the legend while attending one of their speaking events in Stamford, CT in the late 1990s. As there is no official record of who exactly the White Lady was, I found it a great opportunity to explore this subject that is both familiar to me and located close to home.

The story follows the tragic tale of the slightly off-balance Angela Pettibone on a life-long search for her lost son, Henry, whom no one, not even her husband, believed to have existed. The story includes a subtle nod to another of the Warrens’s mot famous cases, Annabelle, featuring a doll with red hair. By complete coincidence, Annabelle is now a major motion picture that was just released in theaters this past weekend.

It was a pleasure working with editor David Lingbloom during the writing process, which coincided with the first of two neck surgeries I have endured over the past ten months. I appreciate his patience in working with me as I pushed through a physically debilitating phase in my life.

You can check out David Lingbloom’s blog here:

Please consider supporting this creative endeavor and read some scary and entertaining stories just in time for the Halloween season.

Don’t Look Back is currently available in paperback and ebook.

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New published work coming in 2014

It has been quite a while since I wrote a blog entry. Life has been extremely busy with finishing my graduate degree in May, the ongoing needs my daughter’s medical, and a series of changes (all good) occurring at my job since returning from my medical hiatus about four months ago.

Many topics have circulated in my brain to write about for blogs, essays, and short stories, but I decided to spend my down time this month losing myself in the game Grand Theft Auto V for a few weeks, something I haven’t done in several years. That badly needed mental vacation of exaggerated cartoon violence and dark comedy helped me break out of the grad student mentality and refocus on my writing priorities for this summer. I did take obsessive notes on all of those ideas, though, so nothing was lost.

I am excited to share news on a few new publications I’m involved in, coming out during the latter half of 2014.

Don't Look Back coverI wrote the story “The Elusive Pettibone” for the anthology Don’t Look Back, edited by David Lingbloom. The story is my take on the origin of the White Lady of Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut. It was fun to write, exploring the historical aspects and reported ghost stories of a locality near home.

I found myself deeply invested in the protagonist I created for the story, Angela Pettibone, an emotional development that I have not experienced with other stories or characters I’ve created. The legends of the White Lady’s wanderings along the roads of Easton between two cemeteries were a shared interest with my late younger brother. Looking back, this is a story I know he would have loved. Therefore, I have dedicate the story in his memory.

Don’t Look Back is due out this fall from Dark Moon Press. I will share purchasing details once available.

Phobophobias cover 01Next up is the much anticipated anthology Phobophobias from Dark Continents Publishing, edited by Dean Drinkel, which contains another story set in Connecticut, “U is for Ufophobia: Streaks of Green.” The current-day story follows a young woman refusing to hide from an otherworldly occurrence that has the state on lockdown. Inspired by an unapologetic mid-20th century noir story, it tackles the issue of living life in spite of the constant state of terror and confusion created by the unknown. Phobophobias is expected to arrive in August.

Lastly, I am editing my first episodic novel, a collection of linked stories following the disturbing and eventful life of a young woman named Lanie, The Dystopian American. The author line up includes a strong mix of emerging talents and accomplished dark fiction writers from the indie scene. Reading through the first drafts of material I feel confident that we have a strong book in the making. It’s a little early to share details now, I will post more about it when appropriate.

More to come as I have details to share.

CHIRAL MAD 2 – Book Trailer

New book trailer from my old friend and collaborator John Palisano for Michael Bailey’s latest anthology, Chiral Mad 2. John has taken an interesting direction in experimental film making, feels appropriate for the book’s concept. Check it out! Links are above.

All That Withers

Chiral 2 Trailer Shot

Here’s a book trailer for CHIRAL MAD 2.

The creative process took some time for this piece. It began with the music. A dilemma. What does chiral sound like? Cranked up the synthesizers and played until stumbling into a sound, and then, a rhythm. Layered the tracks and demoed. Then, realized the second half of the song would have to be like the first, only slightly different. Things that are chiral are quite similar, yet, are not mirror images. The most famous examples are hands, eyes, and ears. Did my best to try this with music, as well. First, the attempts sounded horrendous, so it was done with more subtlety. This is published by my electronic music outfit, presently named SHAME.

From there, sculpting the images took time. Several were used over and over, but flipped, with artistic effects added. There’s a slight story to it. A young boy…

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