Out Now! A Silent Dystopia: Stories Of A Quiet Apocalypse

A Silent Dystopia out now from Demain Publishing.

I’m excited yet humbled to announce the publication of A Silent Dystopia: Stories Of A Quiet Apocalypse. The book was released as an eBook on November 30, 2021. Print editions of the volume will be available in early 2022.

This being my first foray into editing a themed anthology, A Silent Dystopia was a labor of love. The project presented a few challenges. For instance, working within the confines of Dave Jeffery’s established universe of A Quiet Apocalypse would be challenge enough for one writer not living inside Dave’s brain. Overseeing ten, well, actually eleven writers when you count in Dave’s contribution, required using a new approach that I can attribute to managing multiple projects in my corporate eCommerce life. All of the stories needed to be rooted in the continuity established in the source material. A well-formed timeline spanning decades and a conceptual map defining the stories’ geographies across North America and Europe provided the necessary framework to thrive in this vivid world.

The novellas making up the A Quiet Apocalypse series and the stories in A Silent Dystopia are set in a not-too-distant future pandemic-ravaged version of our world. The original book was written long before our current day real-life pandemic and bears no resemblance. The disease meningitis unspecified, also known as MNG-U, has eradicated about 95% of the human population. The vast majority of survivors are left deafened by the virus. Those few lucky enough to retain their hearing after falling ill, or fortunate enough to have never contracted the virus, become precious commodities to the deafened. Forms of slavery and indentured servitude develop as class systems take shape. Meanwhile, those born without hearing, the culturally deaf, are blamed for MNG-U and living endangered lives.

Check out this list of contributors, each strong talents in their respective roles, with whom I am proud to share this volume.

· Raven Dane – The Invisible Girl 

· Stephanie Ellis – Babel Hour

· Kev Harrison – The Courier

· Tom Jeffery & Dave Jeffery – The First Samaritan

· A.S. MacKenzie – Shut Up, Donny

· John Palisano – The Platform

· Steve Stred – Do You Remember?

· J.A. Sullivan – Wolf Pit

· Morgan K Tanner – In the Midst of Monsters

· David Youngquist – I Live to Serve

Afterword by: Chris Kelso

Design by: Adrian Baldwin

Artwork by: Roberto Segate


I hope that you will support these artists by buying our book. And after you read A Silent Dystopia, give it a rating and honest review.


My latest story, Plain

I am excited to announce the publication of my latest book, Plain, from Demain Publishing as #20 in the Short Sharp Shocks! series. It’s available in Kindle format now with a print version on the way.

Check out my interview with Dean Drinkel, editor of the SSS! series and founder of Demain here.

About the story:

Essy is released from a psychiatric hospital after orchestrating her mother’s death a few years earlier. She moves to the neighboring town, where she can continue therapy with her psychiatrist. In pursuit of an idealistic happiness and normalcy, she finds herself both haunted and driven by those she hurt.

It’s part ghost story and part psychological horror … with a violent streak.


Also available on Amazon UK.

Masks anthology from KnighWatch unveiled

Masks cover artwork by James Powell

Masks cover artwork by James Powell

I am always excited to announce my involvement in a new book, this time for my first of hopefully many publications with the UK-based KnightWatch Press. Masks is a new anthology compiled and edited by Dean M Drinkel anticipated to release later this year.

Inspired by the great Shirley Jackson, my story “Blood, Gingerbread and Life” is set in a secluded community where bizarre annual rituals keep death at bay. It explores the raw human need to control, holding domain over violence, nature, families, behavior, life, and death. What happens when that power is disrupted?

The table of contents features a group of diverse talents, including a handful of authors with whom I’ve had the honor of sharing other anthology titles.

Many Happy Returns – Kyle Rader
Trixie – Christopher L Beck
An Absent Host – F.A. Nosić
Variety Night – Russell Proctor
The Silencing Machine – Clockhouse Writers
After The End – Christine Morgan / Lucas Williams
The Face Collector – Stephanie Ellis
The Jar By The Door – Icy Sedgwick
Porcelain – James Everington
The Man Who Fed The Foxes – Phil Sloman
The House Of A Thousand Faces – Chris Stokes
Blood, Gingerbread and Life – David T Griffith
His Last Portrait – Adrian Cole

If you are interested in reviewing Masks before publication, please send an inquiry to theresa.derwin@yahoo.co.uk.

The Grimorium Verum

Grimorium-Verum-cover-FRONT-WEB-600x900I am excited to announce The Grimorium Verum has published today from Western Legends Publishing, containing my story “T is for Transformation: Cacophony in B Minor.” The story tells the account of Duane, a talented musician and computer programmer, who is wrapped up in his self-loathing over a congenital disability. The combination of his mood, desire, and music open the gate to a supernatural intervention.

» More about The Grimorium Verum on the Western Legends site.

Where to buy:

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The Grimorium Verum – Table of Contents Revealed

I’m excited to be a part of this next publication from Western Legends as both a contributing author and book cover designer. The book comes out very soon. Please help support this project – lots of talented storytellers – you won’t be disappointed! I’ll share purchasing info once available.

The Grimorium Verum – Table of Contents Revealed.