dtgriffith-headshotFascinated by all things dark, gritty, and dystopian, D.T. Griffith is a recent entry into the horror and dark fiction genres. Like all of his other art, his fiction and nonfiction writing draw inspiration from classic and modern works alike, spanning a full range of literary masters, surrealist painters, raw comedians, and punk rock. 

He has worked as a professional designer, illustrator, and writer since the mid-1990s in the marketing, branding, and communication fields. Educated in fine arts and writing, and a professional in the corporate communication and eCommerce fields, he enjoys a keen passion for writing dark fiction, noir, and horror during his free time where his brain is permitted to explore its deviant side without retribution.

D.T. Griffith holds a BFA in fine arts and an MFA in creative and professional writing. He resides in his home state of Connecticut, USA.