30 Songs for November: Song 11 – Search and Destroy

Search and DestroyGoing back to my year of birth again with “Search and Destroy” from Iggy and the Stooges. I love this song. I love the raw garage rock sound of the guitars, totally my personal of playing when I used to play in bands.

I saw Iggy Pop perform at The Globe Theater in Norwalk, CT, my hometown, in 1995. Incredible show! Most every person I knew from around town was there, including some good friends and my wife Victoria, we were engaged then. The whole group of us stood up front for the whole show.

Iggy jumped off stage to perform on the floor in the audience and he came right up to my friend Jason Mones and I for about two minutes. I towered over the guy as he hunched his shoulders and hung his head over the mic held in both hands, singing and moving rhythmically with the music barely a foot from me. I wish I could remember which song it was.

Outside the theater the first thing Jason said to me was, “we danced with Iggy Pop!” It was a great night.



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