If you’re confused about my web address, it’s okay

I finally got around to changing my blog’s URL to dtgriffith.com, because, well, that’s my name. The old address, xzistenz.com, still forwards here you, so no need to change bookmarks, links and whatever other strange things that might exist out there I probably don’t want to know about.

I’ve decided to keep the xzistenz name in the blog header for old time sake. I’ve only owned the name since the late 1990s, can’t walk away from it now. Back in the day when everyone use pseudonyms on message boards and AOL because that was the cool thing to do.

So here’s to the old sticking around and the new progressing forwarding. I’d raise a glass of Kraken if I had some nearby but that’s another medical mystery. I hope James Powell sees this and raises one for me.

Best regards and enjoy the holiday season that’s upon us Dropkick Murphys style!


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