Let the words flow

I have been missing from this blog for the past month since my spring semester courses wrapped. It has a been a tumultuous four weeks filled with the common theme of change at home and professionally. Among the bigger things we have decided to relocate back to my hometown and I am creating managing a change communication plan for a large reorganization at my company. Crazy stuff. But great experience.

I had vowed to myself I would not let this summer slip away; that I would use the available time to write new stories and catch up on a laundry list of reading. Of course I had not anticipating moving so soon, spending free days and nights on sorting, purging, cleaning, and eventually packing possessions. To my surprise, purging items is quite freeing, no longer do I have a collection of four hundred-something CDs following me around from storage space to storage space, not once listened to in the past decade. Without all that stuff I can focus on what matters. It’s a great feeling.

So I wasn’t sure what I would write today, but felt I owed it to myself and my readers to put something out there. Despite the several levels of change occurring this summer, I have several things to look forward to – no worries, I won’t bore you any more with introspective personal stuff. But I will mention that my short story, “Johnny Versus the Creatures” will be part of the upcoming anthology Unnatural Tales of the Jackalope from Western Legends Press, due out in a few weeks. I will post more info as we close in on the launch.

On that note, back to my life at rink side as my now 13-year-old daughter trains with her coach.


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