Social Media Rules of Engagement

I have extracted this list of social media engagement rules from a strategy plan I wrote to use for the WCSU MFA Writing residency peer workshop. Since all social media is in the public eye, consider all posts and interactions as extensions of your personal and professional brand.

  • Maintain professionalism.
  • Present a positive outlook.
  • Offer insightful and unexpected information; avoid the mundane.
  • No sophomoric or immature behavior.
  • Be authentic and transparent.
  • Do not engage in fights or other negative behavior.
  • Do not make lewd or crude comments.
  • Draw others in to develop relationships.
  • Level playing field – treat everyone with equal respect.
  • Do not bad mouth other people or organizations.
  • Avoid participating in discussions on political and religious viewpoints.
  • Maintain political neutrality when a political story may have relevance to the IT and staffing industry.

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