On my return to school and writing

I must be insane choosing to write this post with my iPhone. Blame it on overtiredness – it is almost 1AM, afterall – and I don’t know what surprises lie ahead with the wonders of autocorrect and a very small touchscreen keyboard. I like to challenge myself, even on the most mundane level, though it tends to be more masochism than sensing accomplishment. I suppose if I were anyone else, I would be a self-loathing monk flogging away nightly in a remote monastery atop a 1,000-foot cliff overlooking the beautiful Mediteranean seaside city below, always out of reach yet so enchanting.

So this brings me to where I find myself now. I have overcome a major hurdle in my life, pursuing a masters degree, and most importantly, in writing. Last night I completed my first week at the WestConn MFA Writing residency, I knew from the first few minutes in my first workshop with the talented author Dan Pope that I had indeed found my new home. Actually, my old home surrounded by talented, uninhibited artists from all walks of life – a critical facet missing from my personae since… I don’t know when. This group of students and mentors, made up of many established professionals and some younger aspiring creatives, welcomed us new students as if we were never strangers. The talent this group exudes is mind-blowing, to use one of my overused cliches, and I am proud to now be affiliated with them.

So enough gushing for tonight, I need to be able to sleep without the feeling of having turned into the “sensitive male” that I despised so much in the 90s. Not that I have a problem with guys showing emotion, I have a stoic reputation to maintain (really?), and those sensitive male types need to get over their self-pitying watery-eyed selves.

I have no idea where I am going with this and I am too tired to review and edit. Probably a total waste of a post riddled with errors and nonsense considering I consider myself a writer, I forget what I said, I think. I wonder if my surreal lucid state kicked in during any of this? That said, good night world, time to start the real writing in the morning.


6 thoughts on “On my return to school and writing

  1. You'll never get used to it either…having so much fun, doing so much work, being surrounded by such great and talented people. You'll wish the residency was 50 weeks a year and the rest 2. But get ready. The first semester is a bitch–hardest OMG, reading in the primary genre can be brutal. But in the end, you get out what you put in, and it forces you to be a disciplined writer. And appreciate every moment of every event and class for the next two years. It's gone before you know it. If you ever need anything, you know where to find me. http://www.williamfriskey.com


  2. You'll probably never get used to be surrounded by such great and talented people and having such a great time. You'll come to wish residency was 50 weeks a year and the rest of life 2. But you'll get out what you put in, so stay in touch with everyone throughout the year, don't take any shortcuts, and tap every resource you can. Also, savor every minute because it's over before you know it. Good luck!


  3. Dave,As I began reading your blog, not yet knowing what it was about, the first thought that came to my mind was, "Wow, he should be a writer!". I'm not just saying that. You are very creative with your words. Also, you mentioned guys showing emotions, etc. Until anyone matures they won't realize that writing with emotions, etc., is another art form. A painter uses a brush, you use a pen(cil). Be proud of yourself. You're excellent at this.Heather Terhune


  4. Thank you all, I appreciate the feedback. Rereading this post from late last night I was without question entering a sleep cycle, yet lucid enough to write, on an iPhone of all things! Heather, the stoic thing is an intended contradiction, glad you picked up on it.I fixed three typos – needed to be done. Otherwise, the raw state of my words will remain unchanged. Five years from now, it will be amazing to look back at this post and see what has happened in that time.


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