Spend Your Savings Day

I proclaim Friday, November 26, the day after Thanksgiving, as “Spend Your Savings/Sanity Day”. That’s right – go broke buying those must have gifts. Make sure you get into a few fist fights and stampedes in the early morning hours. Make sure you are broke enough (and homeless enough with all those gifts in a grocery store cart) to qualify for free meals at those pleasurable soup kitchens this holiday season. Cooking at home means a can of beans over a burning garbage can in a back alley paired with rain water collected in an old Starbucks cup.

You see, its not about what you have, it’s what you don’t have. It’s what your neighbors have. Your friends, co-workers, family… you need bigger, better, faster, stronger and more! Don’t be afraid to spend your kids’ college savings on that brand new entertainment system promising an at home 3D experience. Imagine that, you need a TV to experience 3D, I guess the real world isn’t 3D-enough anymore.

So join me this Friday, and go broke countering the counterculture of buying nothing. Why? Why not. Satisfy your needs and greeds, feed your inner children. Live for the moment, because tomorrow might just be another bland day at the grocery store shopping for dinner. Let the excitement of back alley living drive you. SPEND SPEND SPEND! 

Paid for by the Risk Management Corporation for Opinionated Backlash From Those Who Disagree…. and my peace of mind.


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