And so it begins

So I have finally gone and done it, I set up a blog. Not really sure why, but it’s here under my xzistenz domain, a name I have used for a variety of creative web endeavors for the past decade. It lay dormant for the past few years and has earned the justification for existing yet again. Creative Writing has been a quiet passion since my last few years in high school – I graduated in 1991 – throughout college and it has resurfaced in recent years within my corporate communications profession.

I love writing short fiction – slice of life sometimes mixed with surreality. And I love sharing the stories of current events as they relate to my company inside and outside of the business. Do not misinterpret me, I am not the “company guy” type. I used to exist within the vehemently anti-corporate lifestyle, I was the quiet yet outspoken counter-culture artist and spoken word guy back in the day, the one who dreamed of artistic infamy by my 30th birthday and changing the world in some grandiose manner only a 15-year-old could imagine.

Getting married at 22 and becoming a parent by 25, working hard to build a strong career relying on my talents and earned skills amongst several hardships, have developed a strong, rooted in reality personality and realist sense of the world. I was always a realist in my perception, though I had not always trusted it. But I have been reacquainted with something new – yet old – and therefore different where the corporate thing and the creative thing are concerned and have converged.

My company has been an American institution since the 1850s, starting right here in my state. My passion for history, especially the local kind, helped captivate me as I learned the depth of its roots. Something I found myself feeling really proud to represent in my current professional role, a business I could really appreciate to its deepest core. Something just a few years ago I would have never imagined having been working the freelance and agency thing for so long. My creative passions of visual artistry and the written word have found equilibrium; a combined multifaceted creative force.

So I return to writing after 15 professional years – not counting my many school years as the artistic kid – of a designer/art director. Writing has sparked a passion I had forgotten about, something I wish I never lost. And so it begins….


3 thoughts on “And so it begins

  1. Hi David,As I recall, you were a very gifted writer (don't make me pull out our old Scribbles magazine) and artist and amazing basement rock star! Let's see where the 15 year old inside takes you!


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