Web Design

This page undergoing regular updates as assets are collected. In other words, a perpetual work in progress.


TimexGroup.com | Corporate | 2010
Worked with external agency on the original build in 2009 as Communication Manager advising on corporate branding, imagery, and messaging. In 2010, tasked with bringing the website in-house, which necessitated a rebuild from the ground up using a list-based HTML framework with CSS dependent layout and Javascript functionalities. Maintained and expanded upon the original look and feel while developing new pages and content.


Timexpo.com | Museum | 2010
The design combines a mix of contemporary colors with antiquated textures and images found throughout the museum. Art direction, design, and list-based HTML build with CSS dependent layout. Javascript used for interactive slideshow functionality on the home page.


GCarlson.com | Portfolio | 2009
Art direction, design, and list-based HTML build with CSS dependent layout. Javascript used for image enlargements and menu functionality. The HTML/CSS build was applied to a PHP foundation providing a back-end content management system for use by the client. A new version of this site is in development for a 2015 release.


Robert H. Schaffer & Associates | Corporate Beta Site Development | 2007
Art direction, design, photo-retouching, and production of beta website. Built in HTML/CSS and Flash. Pre-dates responsive design and touch screens.


The Designers Loft | Furniture Retail & Interior Design Services | 2006
Design and final build in XHTML/CSS with Flash-animated featured sections. Pre-dates responsive design and touch screens.


Sensitive Care | Dentistry | 2006-07
Art direction, design, image re-touching, and final build of full website maintaining cohesive branding with advertising campaigns; built in HTML/CSS with Flash animations. Coordinated organic SEO implementation with SEO specialists. Pre-dates responsive design and touch screens.


Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care of Southwestern CT | Medical & Health Services | 2005-06
Art direction, design, and production of final build in HTML/CSS with Flash animations and streaming Flash video. Partnered with a software development team to develop a client-side content management tool for some sections of the site. Pre-dates responsive design and touch screens.